human stories are my greatest source of inspiration, driving me to explore them worldwide. i've directed and produced documentary short films that have reached audiences globally, premiering at film festivals such as Mexico Short Films, Pigneto Film Festival, and Beat Film Festival. additionally, my work has been distributed on platforms like Apple TV and FilminLatino.
The winning goal
how does it feel to be a woman and play football in Kenya and fight for the opportunity to kick the ball? the documentary tells the story of the winning goal for 13 ladies from Makueni County.
La mia terra
italian farmer waits for the rain after a long period of drought. he recalls to his youth and shares a nostalgic story about his life and land that he belongs to.
the young boy, Alexis, and his sister, Jimena, enjoy summertime at their treehouse surrounded by nature. However, when their father lands a new job, the entire family must relocate to the city, bidding farewell to the place they call home.
the short documentary directed by Anastasia Shikina.
La fortuna
the short documentary is about one italian fisherman's life. was filmed in Ponza, Italy.