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Anastasia Shikina

Showreel 2020
Hi there, I'm Anastasia, a Berlin-based experienced video producer and director
and producer.
I believe in the power of human stories and the impact that can be made through visual storytelling. I am passionate about portraying both human and brand stories in a cinematic style. I am eager to collaborate with brands, creative agencies and film/video productions on creative and challenging projects worldwide.
This is my new showreel with latest works <3
The winning goal
How does it feel to be a woman and play football in Kenya and fight for the opportunity to kick the ball? The documentary tells the story of the winning goal for 13 ladies from Makueni County.

Vamos (trailer)
The story of leaving a home through the eyes of a little Mexican boy.

La mia terra
Italian farmer waits for the rain after a long period of drought. He recalls to his youth and shares a nostalgic story about his life and land that he belongs to.

Yandex Practicum
Olga is 50 years old. She decided to change her life career and becomes a data-analyst.

Not far away (trailer)
Production: Stereotactic
Anastasia is a director and producer based in Berlin, with a passion for telling meaningful stories through visual language. Her focus is on documentaries, branded content, and commercials, where she aims to create deep emotional connections with her audience.

Anastasia's journey began when she graduated from the directing program at the University of Film and Television in Saint Petersburg. She has completed residencies at several renowned institutions, including Fabrica Research Center in Italy, Cobertizo Artist Residency in Mexico, and a documentary workshop at Jakarta University of Arts in Indonesia.

Her films have been selected and awarded at prestigious short film festivals such as the Pigneto Film Festival, Cinemadamare Film Festival, Kenyan Film Festival, and Mexico International Short Film Festival.

Currently, Anastasia is working on a new full-length documentary and is open to new projects.
Let's collaborate.
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